P.I.A.1 is the first mobile device for qualitative and semi-quantitative drug analysis. The system is able to quickly detect one or more drugs or compounds. With the P.I.A.1 analyzer, the accuracy and reliability of a drug analysis laboratory is available anytime, anyplace. Drugs, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens and analgesics are easily identified using opto-electronic measurement.

One test, several substances

P.I.A.1 analyzes up to twelve different drugs at a time in a single test. P.I.A.1 works with both conventional tests (plastic cassettes) and with our new GreenCheck range of ecological tests,.

Several types of samples

P.I.A.1 is able to identify the presence of drugs in urine, saliva, sweat or other body fluids.

Easy to use

A single test for several substances provides clear and definitive results without any subjective interpretation by the user.

Quantitative analysis

P.I.A.1 provides a quantitative result, which means that we can detect if a result is more or less positive, from personalized interpretation limits.

Automatic data storage

P.I.A.1 offers storage space for up to 100000 data sheets.

Technical data

  • Battery life up to 400 tests with printing and 1500 tests without printing; rechargeable with USB charger
  • Built-in LCD touch screen
  • Small size and light weight – same size as a conventional alcohol testing device
  • Incubation time 3 min ; measurement time 20 sec