Check24 is twin-test system optimized for the detection of cannabinoids in urine.

With two levels of THC detection (50 ng/ml and 150 ng/ml), this test provides an indication of the amount of THC detected. Check24 uses two cut-offs to enable a better differentiation between recent and earlier consumption.

Check24 can therefore reduce the number of false positives (positive results in urine but negative results in blood), thus reducing the time and financial investment in confirmatory tests.

Check24 Product Range

Immersion test

Check24 : THC 1 + THC 2

Check24/317 : COC/ MDMA/ THC 1 + THC 2

Check24/513 : AMP/ mAMP/ COC/ OPI/ THC 1 + THC 2

CUP Test

The combination of urine cup and test strips is a safe, clean and hygienic alternative to the conventional collection cups, making urine transfer unnecessary and providing maximum hygiene for the user. The re-closable cup is equipped with integrated temperature strips to detect potential manipulation of the urine. The test is ready to be evaluated after 3 minutes.

Check24/513 CUP : AMP/ mAMP/ COC/ OPI/ THC 1 + THC 2

Check24/712 CUP : mAMP/ BZO/COC/MDMA/MTD/OPI/ THC 1 + THC 2

Cassette Test

Check24P : THC 1 + THC 2

Check24/513P : AMP/ mAMP/ COC/ OPI/ THC 1 + THC 2