Multi urine tests

The multi urine tests are available both as immersion tests and plate tests, with different analyte configurations. The available combinations are adapted to the most common requirements but may be easily modified.

Urine contains the residues of the drugs consumed, may be collected easily and used without any preparation. Depending on the frequency and type of use (e.g. once orally), some hours may pass before a drug is detectable in sufficient quantity in the urine collected, especially if the bladder already contains (drug-free) urine. Urine provides a relatively long window of detection and is, therefore, ideally suited for the monitoring of abstinence. The retention times of drugs and their metabolites in the body is determined by the respective rate of degradation and subsequent excretion. Both are influenced by an individual’s drug habit, the amount of drug or drugs he or she has consumed, the way of consumption, and body weight.

In any case, the concentration of drug excretions in the urine is always influenced by the body's water reserves. It is not uncommon for people who are asked to provide a urine sample to intentionally drink copious amounts of liquids if they have something to hide. The creatinine content shows whether urine contains a lot or little water. Our Creatinine Screening Test has been developed to help detect urine manipulation by internal or external urine dilution.