Single urine tests

Single urine tests are available in the form of immersion strip tests and cassette tests for different analytes and in various analyte combinations.

The advantage of urine is that it may be collected easily, non-invasively, in reasonably large quantities and used directly for analysis, without further preparation. However, analytes are not detectable in urine directly after consumption. It will take a minimum of six to eight hours after consumption for a urine test to be performed successfully, whereas drugs may already be found in the blood. On the other hand, a positive result in urine does not necessarily indicate recent consumption. Urine is, therefore, much better suited for monitoring abstinence than blood.

Cannabis is a special case: regular cannabis use, e.g. several joints per week, may increase the detection time in urine up to 60-70 days.

To complement blood testing, an additional urine screening provides a more comprehensive evaluation of results.

Advantages of urinary tests :

  • Urine is easy to collect, without intrusive intervention and may be used directly for analysis without further preparation;
  • Cost-efficient;
  • Capable of detecting most narcotics;
  • Results available in a few minutes.