Research & Development

One of our most fundamental values is innovation. We are constantly working to improve our drug testing technologies, thus providing major contributions to the development of quantitative and qualitative testing systems.

We are unique in the field of medical research and development: 

- With 17 years of experience in the field of medical technology research, we are able to successfully compete in a complex market where other companies sometimes have more than 30 years of experience.
- Protzek has been the first company to develop and market a mobile optoelectronic analyzer system for the quantitative analysis of drugs of abuse and therapeutic drug concentrations.
- We offer a complete production chain for our products:
 - Regular investment in research & development (15% of total revenue);
 - Production at our company headquarters;
 - Marketing and distribution through our headquarters in Germany, our branch offices in Switzerland and France and through our distribution partners in Austria, Italy and the United States.
 - To stay on the leading edge of technology, we have, over the years, established various partnerships with universities and other medical companies as well as with leading specialists, biologists, engineers and chemists, both in research, development and in production.
 - In addition, we support young professionals with their education, thus contributing actively to the development of innovation in the diagnostic sector.