For Firefighters

Screening, the safest prevention tool for firefighters.

Firefighters are responsible for the lives of our loved ones, their colleagues and themselves. It is important that they are healthy and free of any negative psychological influence. Systematic screening is the most effective way of identifying a drug abuse problem.

In the course of his work, a firefighter is exposed to various dangers: danger of injury, dangers from road traffic when racing to a site, chemical and radioactive products, dangerous animals, but especially toxic fumes and heat; a medical or technical incident can expose a firefighter to deadly toxic gases.

Behavioral disorders related to the consumption of psychoactive substances are incompatible with the missions of fire brigades, potentially leading to:

  • Changes in the perception of danger;
  • Potentially dangerous behavior during missions: aggressiveness, sudden mood swings, irritability;
  • Psychic and physical dependencies;
  • Long-term health effects

We can support you on three different levels

  • Systematic screening when recruiting volunteers;
  • Prevention for firefighters susceptible to consumption;
  • Periodic screening of firefighters.

Our solutions provide you with the tools for

  • Long-term prevention of drug use among firefighters ;
  • Identification of specific drug use situations during emergency responses or on-call services;
  • Adequate support to firefighters facing a problem of addiction caused by psychological stress.