For the Police

The perfect tools for Roadside Testing

Today, half of the European countries are employing roadside saliva testing, but almost all of them require a laboratory blood test to confirm a positive result.

With the legalization of cannabis in more and more countries around the world, drug testing has become as necessary as alcohol testing to detect drivers under the influence.

In addition, current cut-offs differ from one country to another, making it difficult to produce or perform a universally accepted test. Our screening devices may be calibrated to meet all legal cut-off requirements.

Protzek solutions are able to identify up to 21 types of drugs. They are specifically designed to test all substances that typically impair driving, including cocaine or benzodiazepines, two of the drugs with the greatest impact on road safety.

Protzek solutions for roadside drug testing are unique because:

  • Our mobile opto-electronic devices are easy to use in the field, anywhere and anytime;
  • Police are able to use a mobile lab the size of a mobile phone;
  • Quantitative measurement with P.I.A. 2 significantly reduces the risk of false positive results, further reducing the cost and effort of taking blood samples to confirm results in a laboratory;
  • Our portfolio of test parameters is continually expanding to keep pace with new trends and requirements;
  • We have the know-how, legal expertise and scientific knowledge to provide customized drug testing products to roadside police around the world.