For Prisons

Given the prevalence of drug use in prisons, it is not surprising that governments see drug testing as an essential element in combating drug use and abuse in correctional facilities.

We have a long experience in assisting law enforcement institutions to tackle drug abuse, providing a wide range of drug testing solutions ideal for use in a prison environment.

Since most drug tests focus on the "lighter" drugs such as cannabis and the metabolites of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive substance in cannabis, have a longer duration in the body than those of cocaine and heroin, prisoners often switch to "harder" drugs.

In addition, it is estimated that over 10% of all prisoners in seven EU member states receive opioid substitution treatment.

Our solutions are not only capable of identifying drug use, they are also able to monitor substitution compliance by identifying the presence of the respective substitutes or their metabolites in the urine.

Our solutions provide you with all the tools you need to act against drugs:

  • Prevention – Identification of users so that correctional officers are able to take action before substance abuse leads to violence; prevent drugs from entering prisons.
  • Control – Manage drug abuse in prisons by periodically testing prisoners and staff.
  • Rehabilitation – Implement rehabilitation programs to help prisoners stop using drugs and better prepare them to return to society once they are released.
  • Health Services - Improve drug-related health services in prisons; identify prisoners in need of treatment and reduce mortality rates or infectious diseases among drug users in prisons; minimize overdose risks and risks of Hepatitis C and HIV.