Protzek - the next level in drug detection

Protzek is the first company to have developed and launched a portable optoelectronic system for the analysis of drugs of abuse and therapeutic drug concentrations in biological fluids.

Our products are designed for the fast, simple, and patient-focused analysis of drugs of abuse and therapeutic drugs, anyplace and anytime. They provide a virtually unlimited range of applications and are easily tailored to individual customer requirements.
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Eco-friendly drug screening solutions

Europe produces 25 million tons of plastic waste per year, most of which ends up in the seas: 80% of marine debris is plastic. Most immunoassays are made of plastic, which makes them an ecological hasard. 

GreenCheck is the first environmentally friendly screening test, made of paper, a revolutionary product that will change the single-use plastic immunoassays market forever. 

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Protzek’s R&D products

One of our most fundamental values is innovation. We are constantly working to bring to life new drug testing technologies. Here are the latest ones:

P.I.A.1 – the first semi-quantitative pocket-size drug analyzer
P.I.A.2 – the world’s first quantitative POCT drug testing analyzer
GreenCheck – the first eco-friendly alternative to plastic drug screening tests

Optoelectronic screening - a tool for sensitive, specific, and accurate drug test results

New drugs and drug use trends keep emerging every day. Others, like marijuana, are legalized in an increasing number of countries across the Globe. It has become increasingly challenging for the law enforcement authorities, for healthcare providers or for employers to accurately identify the abuse of illicit drugs without violating the right to privacy.

Read this paper to see how the optoelectronic screening can help and why it is considered the future in drug detection.
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Drug screening solutions for every domain or work environment

Every industry, work environment or domain is different, with specific requirements. Protzek is not only providing products but customized solutions for everyone’s needs.

In today’s highly regulated market, not all of the customers’ requirements are the same. Current cut-offs differ from one country to another, making it difficult to produce or perform a universally accepted test. Our screening devices may be calibrated to meet all legal cut-off requirements.

Our solutions can not only detect a problem but help to solve it in the long term through:

- Managing drug abuse in various environments by periodical testing;
- Know-how, legal expertise and scientific knowledge to provide customized drug testing products and solutions;
- Support and training;
- A customized combination of products and drug panels to minimize the costs and increase the drug screening efficiency.
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